Storytime Manifesto

1 in 3 people attending a library program in California is going to a preschool program. We are the 33%.

How to write a Manifesto:

Distribute trading cards (at least 2 per person).

  • There are 3 “suits.”
  • The baby cards represent your community. What can storytime do to help?
  • The finger puppet cards are your tools. Why do they matter?
  • The star cards are your message. What would you shout from the rooftops?

Trade cards. Talk to other people. Ask questions!

  • Collect at least one card that excites you.

Get organized.

  • Catalog yourselves!
  • Hold up one card that excites you.
  • Find the number on your card.
  • Now go find your number buddies.
  • Try to form groups of 5 to 7 people.

Lightning round.

  • In 60 seconds or less, tell your group why you are passionate about the concept on your card.

Discuss! Debate! Write!

  • Come up with a one sentence manifesto that expresses your passions.
  • Your manifesto should be simple, persuasive, and easy for anyone to understand.


  • Share your manifesto with the room.
  • Share your manifesto with the world!


CLA 2014 workshop

If you run a Storytime Manifesto workshop, email us your manifesto and we’ll post it here.

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