Science Experiment

One library conference. One outlandish idea. One thousand inquisitive librarians. Library science!

What will the library of the future be like?

Similar to the library of today, but with jet packs.

Engage librarians across California in a discussion about the future of libraries.

Osum Library Labs created a library science research laboratory at the 2012 CLA Conference in San José.

Osum scientists created a Library Science Periodic Table of Elements populated with external factors (and predictions) that affect California communities, and by extension, California libraries (like “wearable computers” or “low science test scores among 2nd graders”). Visitors to the Osum booth will receive element trading cards, along with a Library Science sticker that can be worn on conference badges (so everyone knows you’re a scientist!) and an observation log.

Recruits will seek out other Library Scientists at the conference. When scientists meet, their elements cause a chemical reaction! Scientists will exchange cards and discuss hypotheses: What happens when the two elements interact? How can libraries respond? Scientists can record their hypotheses and observations on the observation log. Osum Labs will compile and analyze the results. As a reward for their scientific research, each observation log returned to the Osum booth counts as an entry into a drawing for the grand prize trophy for the Nobel Prize for Library Science.

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